Happy Thanksgiving Cartoon Turkey Edible Frosting Rounds

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Happy Thanksgiving Cartoon Turkey Frosting Rounds Affiliate icon

Reinvent the way you decorate desserts with custom edible frosting rounds! Perfect for cupcakes and cookies, these frosting toppers are made from a sugar and cornstarch base, and printed with food-grade inks to reproduce your design with great detail and saturation. Best applied to fresh buttercream frosting, cream cheese frosting, ganache, royal icing and similar toppings, they peel and press onto nearly any flat, soft-frosted dessert. These 2” round gluten-free frosting toppers are the simplest way to personalize your sweets, adding a colorful and professional look that's perfect for special events, birthdays, holidays and year-round celebrations!

  • (15) 2" rounds per sheet, minimum order of 2 sheets.
  • Made of thin sheets of edible frosting.
  • Net weight of 1 unit (without bag): 1.5 oz, 42g.
  • 12 month shelf life, no refrigeration required for storage.
  • Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight until ready for use.

A cartoon style Thanksgiving turkey design below the words: Happy Thanksgiving. This turkey's feathers have the Thanksgiving colors and the turky is wearing a pilgrim hat.


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