Men's Dark Blue Long Sleeve "Digital Solution" T-Shirt

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Mens Dark Blue Long Sleeve Digital Solution T_Shirt Affiliate icon

Men's Dark Blue Long Sleeve "Digital Solution" T-Shirt This long sleeve shirt will assists in declaring praise over attitudes, circumstances, conditions, hearts, health, hopes, lives, minds, perspectives, outcomes and results. Disha Patani said, "I am fine because somebody's opinion can't become my reality". The quote should be realized and understood by every victim of bullying worldwide. Yet in the realm of the digital world, I reality a digital illusion? As I am a fiction writer and a wordsmith, are the worlds of digital and the actual physical world melding together to one grand illusion? If you look around you, the struggle to grasp at petty titles of identification concerning gender, race, and other created demographics take a forefront struggle, are we in the process of adapting to an illusion? Is not being human and male or female good enough any more? Is reality a digital illusion? Illusion, Digital, Reality, Constructs, Actual, Premise