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Warning Dad Jokes Ahead fathers day themed t-shirt from Ricaso Get ready to laugh and groan at the cheesiest dad jokes around - this "Warning: Dad Jokes Ahead" t-shirt says it all! - Funny warning sign captures the humor of corny dad jokes - Perfect for Father's Day or anytime - Great gift for new dads or any father who loves silly puns and one-liners Let everyone know those cringeworthy jokes are coming with this hilarious t-shirt. The bold warning sign design printed on a tee announces the approach of those epic eye-roll-worthy dad jokes. Give it to your father, husband, brother or any new dad this Father's Day so they can warn the world before they drop another side-splitting groaner. Brace yourself for the onslaught of cheesy dad jokes when he wears this funny "Warning: Dad Jokes Ahead" t-shirt! - Bold warning sign design gets attention - Ideal Father's Day gift for jokester dads Give fair warning with this light-hearted dad t-shirt. It's the perfect gift for any father or husband who loves dishing out cringeworthy puns and one-liners that get the whole family groaning. Make sure he's equipped to alert the masses before he drops his next witty and wacky zinger! Seriously silly dad jokes coming your way when he wears this hilarious "Warning: Dad Jokes Ahead" t-shirt! Give everyone a heads up with this playful tee. The bold graphic calls attention to the nonstop dad jokes about to be released. Surprise your father, husband, brother or any corny jokester with this tee and get ready for some epic eye rolls at those cringeworthy puns and one-liners. It's sure to get laughs all year long!

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