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For all the women we have lost, And those we will lose, I dissent. About Me I'm a mother of two daughters and a web/graphic designer finding my own little way to contribute to the fight for reproductive justice in America. I've been a lover of grassroots advocacy for many years, but I took a break from the front lines after my youngest daughter was born in 2020. I told myself it was okay to let others take the reins while I tended to my young family for a couple of years. That was going well until Roe v. Wade was overturned and I knew it was time for all hands on deck. Now I'm doing what I can in my spare time to volunteer and create pro-choice paraphernalia! Let's fight the good fight. The long fight. The fight for reproductive justice. My Products I design these products during naptimes, after bedtimes, and in stolen moments. I create them with love and hope in my heart. I design them to express myself, support the movement, and fight for my young daughters' futures and freedom. I design them for the young person faced with a terrible choice, the veteran mother who knows her body can't handle one more pregnancy or child, the victim of abuse who must choose whether or not to tie themselves to an abuser forever, and for all those who come to the crossroads that positive pregnancy test brings them. We deserve the right to choose what's right for our own bodies. We deserve fundamental rights.

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