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*FOR INSTRUCTIONS TO CHANGE BACKGROUND OR TEXT COLORS, SEE END OF THIS DESCRIPTION.* Promote your business to potential customers with modern and professional custom QR code round buttons. All text on this template is simple to personalize or delete. The scannable code makes it easy for clients to find your company website online and connect with your internet advertising and social media networking. The design features a basic white background, modern minimalist typography, and your QR code, which is easily changed to a photo or company logo. Versatile layout is suitable for entrepreneurs as well as large corporations. Available both in small quantities and bulk to meet your unique advertising goals, they're perfect to distribute as marketing swag at conferences and trade shows. They can also function as employee id badges, conference tracking identification, event vaccine passport, digital health certificate, or vaccination record card. They can provide organization and security for your company, while presenting the corporate branding with an elegant and classic appearance. TO OPEN ZAZZLE DESIGN TOOL: Go to "Personalize" or "Personalize this template", then scroll to bottom and choose "Edit using Design Tool." When finished customizing, select "Done." TO CHANGE BACKGROUND COLOR: Next to "Background" in left column, select "Edit." A menu with color boxes will appear. You can choose one of the color boxes or if you want a larger selection, click the plus (+) sign. Move the dot around until you find a color you like or enter a hex number in the white box at the bottom. TO CHANGE TEXT COLOR: In column on left, click the box that shows the text you want to change. On the menu at the right, select the box that says "Color" to display the color boxes. You can choose the color one of three ways: (1) select a color square, (2) enter a hex number, or (3) Select "Custom color picker" and move the dot around until you find one you like.

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