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How do you raise a smart child? How do you raise a happy child? Just love them and play with them! Learning Candy designed its Learnware to incorporate teaching and bonding with your little one in Your Everyday Life. On the go -- anywhere! Learning Candy brings forth more opportunities for 'teachable moments' and fun interactions that your kids need and deserve to thrive. Our colorful designs and exciting subjects are sure to capture their imagination. The Solar System Learn the planets of the Solar System -- Mars, Venus, Earth, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Your child will learn the names of he planets, as well as their colors and the order away from the Sun. Order your own subject created. solar system, planets, astronomy+for+kids, solar+system+for+kids, solar+system+kids, solar+system, solar+system+tshirt, solar,scientist, educational, mars,venus, earth, mercury, jupiter, saturn,uranus, neptune,universe,pluto,education, toddler,child, space, astronomy,toddler+activities,smart,science,science+for+kids,sun,planet,star,learning, kids, children, preschool, charts

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