Vintage Valentine's Day Woman With Yellow Rose Holiday Card

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Vintage Valentines Day Woman With Yellow Rose Holiday Card Affiliate icon

Absolutely breathtaking, vintage Valentine's Day image on a greeting card of a woman with a yellow rose. Image says, "With Loving Greetings, To My Valentine." Imagine this for a moment: You've been sent back in time by a mad scientist's time machine. When you step out of the capsule into a simpler world, you notice the ladies with flowing dresses and the men dressed up fine and dapper. It's a place where loved ones still send notes and cards through the postal mail to stay connected and grounded. A peaceful place where every house is decorated in Victorian style and the holidays mean something traditional. We warmly welcome you to our magical world of vintage imagery. We find the most incredible images and use the latest technology (artificial Intelligence (AI) with computer programming) to develop the quality, vintage images you won't find anywhere on the Internet. We are a family of military veterans and are here to serve you. We want you to feel like you've stepped back in time. Your life is very busy. Why spend all your spare time searching the Internet and other places for vintage artwork, only to find low quality images? We've collected over 30,000 images since 1994 and are constantly searching for new and fresh images to offer you. If you would like one of our designs on a different product than the one you see here, we have set up this store so you can transfer them to any other product Zazzle offers. Want your own message on a product? To personalize a product, just click on "Personalize this template" and make it your own. Look for our signature 3D designs with the [3D] symbol in the title of the product. If you like our store and our designs, we'd love to hear from you. Just click on the "LIVE" link at the top of any page. PLEASE NOTE: THESE ARE NOT PUBLIC DOMAIN IMAGES. We've used advanced software and our programming skills to turn them into something gorgeous. They are signature designs(many are composites of several images), and we ask that you respect our copyright. Thanks a lot for that. We really appreciate it.(8)

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