I survived the Inca Trail (dark) T-Shirt

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Completing the 4-day, 24-mile trek over multiple mountain ranges to Machu Picchu is no easy task! Now you can take pride in your accomplishment with the shirt that details both the extreme heights and distances you've covered! This design was made from an actual elevation graph of the "Classic" 4-day Inca Trail trek to Machu Picchu, and features the elevation (in feet) and distance (in miles) to many of the key sites along the trail. Two sacred animals, the snake and puma, are shown atop the "Inca Trail" lettering, while the condor flies over the lost city. Even the shape of the "Inca Trail" lettering pays homage to the Incan stone cutting techniques used at Machu Picchu and many other sites. Check out my store for a light version of this shirt, or for my "front & back" versions that work great on hoodies and polos!

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