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Name: Nozomi Hoshino Age: 16 years old Appearance: Nozomi Hoshino has delicate features and long silver hair. Her eyes are deep-purple, like a constellation. The smile is bright and attractive. Dress: Noboru Hoshi wears a magical dress that takes the theme of the universe, and designs of stars and floating stars that shine in the night sky are being carried out. It expresses a deep love for individuality and stars. Character: Hoshino Ambition is gentle, caring, and has knowledge that brings hope and dreams to people. She is fascinated by the mysteries of the universe and has a sense of adventure that she pursues. She values friendship and cooperation and faces difficulties with her friends. Special Skills: I observe constellations and am familiar with astrology and knowledge in space. She has the magic power to call the constellations and has difficulties. Story: The adventure of the Ambition focuses on space exploration and uncovering the secrets of the constellations. She travels through the Galaxy with a spaceship and keeps new friendships, and her purpose is to unravel the mystery of the universe and bring hope and courage to people.

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