Personalize with Your Own Favorite Festival Photo Keychain

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Personalize with Your Own Favorite Festival Photo Keychain Affiliate icon

If you're a long-time fan of the Greensboro Summer Solstice Festival, no doubt you've taken - or starred in - photos as delightfully memorable as the shots found on this keychain. This design was set up for those who want a way to hold on to memorable moments that take place at our favorite annual event. To customize this template for yourself, click either "Personalize" or "Personalize this Template". That link will direct you to a space in which you'll see a button labeled "Replace", beside the photo thumbnail. You'll then be guided to upload your own photo. Once you see your own picture depicted on the merchandise, you can either make your purchase or edit further. If you need to resize or move your image, click "Edit using design tool" to reach an area where you'll find many additional controls. The event branding can also be resized or moved to a more convenient area of the space. Make this design your own and have fun collecting your very own customized pieces of Solstice merchandise! // This keyring was set up with space for one photo on each side; you're able to choose a 1-photo version, if you prefer. // Seen here are Greensboro Summer Solstice Festival friends Peaches de Vine and Kris Ferris.

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