Green Dollar Sign Tote Bag

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The symbol of money, currency and cash, the dollar sign, combines the letter S with two vertical lines. The Green Dollar Sign graphic is a hand painted dollar sign with visible brush strokes giving the symbol that 60s pop art look. The green dollar sign has a shadow in a shade of red. Fill your bank account with lots of dough, bread or moolah and choose the Green Dollar Sign design. Visit to see all our typography designs! And while you're their check-out all of the awesome pop art designs created by Electric Pop Spot! We have hundreds of graphics on a huge assortment of quality products. Our pop art designs and graphics fall into the following categories: fashion & style designs, Russia & USSR, current events, cities & countries, food & cooking, weaponry & war, LGBTQ designs, world leaders, human anatomy, technology, US Presidents & patriots, transportation, wildlife & nature, music, and photography & video. ➢ Transforming Pop Culture into Pop Art!